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Eddie BANDY (1889 -1975) m. bef 1925 Eva CONGER (1890-1968) Collin Co. Texas

I'm looking for any information on:

Eddie BANDY (SSN 465-38-9197 b. 20 Mar, 1889, d. Jan 1975).  He was a Judge.  He had no degree, no schooling but was voted in for years - did the courthouse janitorial work too

He married bef 1925 in Collin Co. TX  Eva CONGER (SSN 465-38-9198 b. 20 Mar 1890, d. Jul 1968) 

Eddie and Eva's Children were: 

Royal BANDY (b. 7 Feb 1911, d. 16 Dec 1994) Marble Falls, Burnet, TX  Wife: Tincy (b. 11 May 1913, d. 17 Jan 1988) 

Autie BANDY (b. 29 Mar 1914, d. 30 Apr 1991) Lubbock Melba no info 

Leon BANDY m. Irene currently in Lubbock 

Ouita BANDY (SSN 467-16-2707 b 1925 Collin Co. TX) married Robert Garrett (b. 17 Oct 1919, d. 29 Nov 1995)  Remarried in 1977 George Turchin (b. Jan 1919, d. June 1990)

Lisa Thompson               25-Nov-2001

REPLY from Dale Bandy 02-Dec-2001:
Eddie Bandy is related to my line of the Bandy family.  He is listed in the 1900 census.  Attached is a summary of the group.  Reuben is a son of William Bandy who is my ancestor.  I am descended from another of William's son, Bryant.   Click here to see the details of this reply




Information wanted on Anna Bandy 
b.18 Dec l795, m.27 July l815 Henry Wikle (b.1 Jan l785 York co. PA) 
lived and died in Gilmer co. GA

My g.g.grandmother was Anna Bandy.  I have no background, parents or siblings for Anna. Any help appreciated. The following information is relevant:  

Pennsylvania German Pioneers-by Ralph Beaver Strassburger,LL.D
A List of Passengers Names and Ages on board the Ship Samuel, 
Merdin Weiggell 24, Torothea Weiggell 20

Johann Martin Weigel & Dorothea Triddell Weigel
(Copied from Records of Historical Society of York co. Pa.)
by John M. Wikle, Phoenix, Ariz. March l981.

Johann Martin & Dorothea -issue 7 children, 
with No 7 being PETER,b. 1744,28 April, wf. Magdalena Witmeier.

Peter Wrigel and Mary Magdalena Witmeier Weigel Issue: Same source
11 children
--No.6.Henry Wikle l785-l844,Anna Bandy l795-l878. 
--No.8.Samuel Wikle l789-1800,Ester Bandy l800. 

I have had a page wherein Samuel & Ester were to be married, with a space left for her father's signature-which was BLANK. 

Joyce Taylor    9-Oct-2001


English BANDY, WARD, OWEN, WHITE connections sought
I am trying to contact anybody with connections to, or more information about, the following BANDY family:

Arthur James BANDY (b1889 Luton, Bdf, Eng - d1966 Luton, Bdf, Eng)  
                                 married ? OWEN in 1916 Luton, Bdf, Eng 
             1) Basil O BANDY (b1916 Luton, Bdf, Eng)
                                     married ? WARD in 1939 Luton, Bdf, Eng
                        1) Gillian M BANDY (b1947 Luton, Bdf, Eng)

             2) Joyce M BANDY   (b1920 Luton, Bdf, Eng)
             3) Victor A BANDY   (b1922 Luton, Bdf, Eng - d1922 Luton, Bdf, Eng)
             4) Celia E BANDY    (b1924 Luton, Bdf, Eng)
             5) Hugh A A BANDY (b1929 Luton, Bdf, Eng) 
                                       married: ? WHITE in 1952 Luton, Bdf, Eng

Dawn Barrett      28-Jul-2001


Help me find my Bandys from Rowan CO KY
I am looking for anyone that is related to the George Bandy who married Lizzie Fraley in Morehead, Rowan County KY in about 1901. They had a son Norman and several girls, possibly Tiny, Maggie and Zelda.  They cared for Lizzie's mother before her death about 1945. Lizzie was my grandfather's (Neal Fraley) sister. I am looking for the Fraley Bible and also want to connect with my Bandy cousins.

Penny Fraley Richardson       21-Jun-2001


where does David Bandy m. Elizabeth Hockstettler abt 1844 fit?
Looking for parents of David Bandy b app 1821 place unkn. Mar. Elizabeth Hockstettler abt 1844. possible Holmes Co Oh. died civil war 1864 S. Carolina

Dorthy Hasselschwert       13-Mar-2001


Jo Carol Cummings is seeking Lynn Bandy her school friend 
from Vanston Jr. High, Mesquite Texas in 1965

I am trying to locate a Lynn Bandy that went to school with me, Jo Carol Cummings, in Mesquite Texas. She and I were in 7th grade together at Vanston Jr. High back in 1964-1965. She was my only friend. We moved to Dallas that next summer and I lost track of her. Was searching the web and came across your fantastic web site. Just thought you might could help me.

Jo Carol Slaughter nee Cummings    6-Feb-2001


Where is Richard's grave in Botetourt County?
I have learned that I am related to Richard who came to America in 1723 from Liverpool. I also learned that he settled in Botetourt County. I live only 20 minutes from there. I have contacted the courthouse and they have records on him and his family. I have been trying to find out where he lived and where he is buried in Botetourt. The county cannot help me with cemetery locations. I have other places to research but I would like for you to post on the web site for any assistance on this. I want to visit the cemetery and try to locate a grave marker. It would be great to get photographs and post on the site. Thank you very much! 

Todd Bandy   6-Feb-2001


Ancestors of Jesse BANDY husband of Charity Ann BOONE
Does any one know the parents of Jesse Bandy, he was married to Charity Ann Boone, they had a daughter Nancy Jane Bandy,  who married Joseph Marion Casteel.  Nancy Jane Casteel nee Bandy was my g.g.grandmother.  I was also wondering if anyone has any photos of any one from this line past or present, I am looking for my cousins. thanks,

Sarah Waterman    4-Feb-2001


Ancestors of  John Frazier BANDY (b. bef 1880) & Mary GOODE
We have not been able to track the ancestors of this line from Arkansas and Mississippi, so we can't see where this line fits in the big picture.  Is it possibly a later immigrant line?  The descendants genealogy is on this website where you can see further details.  We also provided some other details in an earlier "Wants" item.  Can anybody help with this puzzle?

Cathleen Bandy Lesiewicz   16-Jan-2001

REPLY From Derek Bandy 4-Jul-2001
The problem was that we didn't know who John Frazier's parents were: after a little digging we found that a Simmeon BANDY was listed in 1890 as a civil war veteran in Clay Co. MS, the location of the family farm where John Frazier BANDY was buried.  We also found John Frazier's brother Oscar Eugene BANDY (b.12 Mar 1873) along with  Richard Curtis BANDY (b. 11 Oct 1898) and  Simon Roscoe BANDY (b.30 Oct 1894) listed as Clay Co. MS residents (for military draft purposes) in 1917/8.  All this ties up very well with the Simeon BANDY listed in the 1860 and 1870 US Census returns and the Simeon BANDY in the Eubank genealogies who had children of these names (and dates) by his second wife Hester Ann Koger FROGGE.  We therefore conclude that they are the same person and that this branch of the family descends through Drinkard's son Simeon.  It is interesting to note that Simeon had an elder brother Francis (Frazier) BANDY, perhaps this is why he named his son John Frazier.

The 1870 Census return for Simeon shows:

17-1179 TN Smith 7 Simeon 26 M KY Farm laborer.
17-1181 TN Smith 7 Hester 26 F KY
TN Smith 7 James E. 9 M KY
18-1827 TN Smith 7 John F. 3 M KY
18-1828 TN Smith 7 Amias D. 2 F TN

It seems likely that Amias is actually Anna and that the correct order of the children is therefore:
 1) John F, 2) Anna D, 3) Oscar E.  James E for the moment is a slight mystery, by his age above he was born in 1861 before the marriage of Simeon and Hester (reported to be 1867 by Eubank) but he is not listed as a child of Simeon's earlier marriage to Piera Emily STOCKTON in 1861.  If he was then he would be the eldest son of that marriage.  Clearly there is more work yet to do.


Bandy family cemetery in Breckenridge County, KY
There is a Bandy family cemetery in Breckenridge County, KY a little way out of Garfield. I visited it in 1966. I remember a Richard Bandy being buried there and Silas Taylor Bandy , my grandfather and many others. I can't get back there to research. I wish someone would. My uncle, Buren Bandy, pointed across the fields to a house and said that was the original house of the Bandy tobacco plantation but no longer was owned by any family member. 

Roy W. Black   17-Dec-2000


Archie Bandy m. Emma Lilley, d. c1975 Selma California
I am looking for information on Archie Bandy. He passed away in the mid1970's. His wife was Emma Lilley Bandy. They lived around Selma California. Any help appreciated.

Carolyn Lilley Johnson  25-Nov-2000



Thomas Charles Bundy b. 1848 St Andrews, London m. 1868 Elizabeth Eleanor Childs, London
Thomas and Elizabeth had a son Thomas Charles born 1868 in London (my husband's g grandfather). The next 2 children were born in London and in 1874 a child was born in New Zealand, and from 1877 the rest of the children were born in Sydney NSW Aus., 11 children in all.  When Thomas Snr. died in 1931 his parents were given as Thomas Charles Bundy and mother unknown.  I previously indicated that his parents were Edward and Eleanor nee White -- this information came from the Morons Ancestral File in 1993.

So - what I am hoping to find out is 
1. who definitely were the parents of Thomas Bundy b. 1848. 
2. Did Thomas have any siblings, and if so who were they.

Madeleine Rankin  17-Nov-2000



Book List
A number of people have asked me about the various books on Bandys that have been produced and where they can get them.  I would be pleased if anybody can add any further information to this list.  My understanding is that the situation is that the list of books is:

The History of the Bandy Clan 
by Allen Bandy, Sr., (contact details UNKNOWN)
AlphOmega Publishing Company: Hickory, North Carolina, 1980.
availability UNKNOWN
NB:  The Bandy Gallimaufry contains all the genealogical data published in this book.

The Bandy Gallimaufry 
by Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank 
827 County Road 41 Granby, CO, USA (970) 887-2989 (contact: )
privately published:  
Original Printing: April 9, 1990, First Revision: September 28, 1990, Second Revision: November 15, 1992, Third Revision: September 15, 1994, Internet Publication (using the same text as the third revision) : February 2000
availability internet: browseable and downloadable at

The Bandy Family In Early America
by Dale Bandy (contact )
Published by Dale Bandy, 934 Arabian Avenue, Winter Springs, Florida 32708, USA. 
Second Edition Fall 1999
hardcopy: available from Dale Bandy for US$46.94 including postage in the U.S.   
               Dale only has a few copies left so please contact him by email before sending money.  
internet: browseable and downloadable at

  Derek Bandy 17-Nov-2000



Help complete the William & Dicey Green Bandy (m 24 Oct 1836 Rutherford, NC) line


I am trying to update my list and I'd like to know what line you connect to concerning any Bandy. I've been working on William and Dicey Green Bandy . As you might well know they had 8 children and I'm hoping to find a direct line from each of their children...if it kills me !!!!

Also, I would like to know any stories that might have been handed down from generation to generation concerning that family. This is my husband's line, so I have not heard the family lore, and a lot of times this has helped me in my search. It might be just a simple location in a story that leads me to a wealth of information. Thanks to Scott Sparks I found a first wife of Ansel L.Bandy in Walker Co. GA, quite by accident, but he gave me the clue to look in GA. So it's quite possible to get this family all back together again - 200 yrs after the fact.

So please, send me what line you are involved with and tell me if you have any areas you want me to look for info and lore - all the family lore you can remember.

Thank you in advance, and if I can be of help just let me know, this is an ongoing project for me.

Rebecca Bandy  31-Oct-2000



Information wanted on James and Suzannah Bandy (US)

I am researching the Bandy family line, and have not had much time to do it, nor much success. At this time I have not seen the names of my direct ancestors any place except in the Gallumphry, I don't think I spelled that correctly but, I am looking for the family of James and Suzannah Bandy. My grandmother's mother was Mary Elizabeth Bandy, her parents were Martha Atchison and Robert Bandy and I believe that Robert's parents were James and Suzannah Bandy. I have found Martha and Robert and their children living in Illinois about 1850. If anyone can help me with this line I would really appreciate it.

Vwacrecept []

REPLY From Derek Bandy:

Dear (whatever your real name is),
Your email gets to me, but mine does not get to you.  It fails with "554 sendall: too many hops 19 (17 max):" This is probably a fault in your local server environment - please advise your technical support.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN THIS.

Here is the reply to your query:  Go to the Genealogies section (under the Family). The fourth item down is a set of genealogies from the Gallimaufry by Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank. If you select the first of them - "Descendants of Edmundi Bandy (abt 1575)"  you will find the people you are looking for in that genealogical file. The easiest way, once you have opened that file, is to select the surname index for Bandy and look for the entry which says "Susanna b.1807 - {1401} VA" (note the spelling) You can take it up and down following the links from there. I have just been looking at it myself it starts:

James also married 2, 3, 4 (2) Susanna 1. Susanna was born 5 about 1807 in {1401} VA.

{787} B 1817.

They had the following children:

226 M iii Cardwell BANDY 1, 2 was born 3 about 1827.

{1552} Which of father's wives is Mother is uncertain. + 227 M iv Robert D BANDY was born about 1828.

Alternatively you can use the site search facilities and just search for "Susanna" one of the results entries is the one above. I haven't bothered to look at the other items returned in the search - but they could well be the same people contained in other genealogies.

Happy hunting



Ann & Sophia (bap 1798), daughters of Sam and Sarah BANDY (or BENDEE) 
(marr c.1787)  Mauldon Beds

Dear Derek
I recently read the April back issue of Family Tree magazine and saw the mention of your web site. So I hope you do not mind me writing to you with the following query to see if anyone can help.  I am trying to find out more about Ann and Sophia Bendee or Bandy. I know the following;

Ann, her sister Sophia and brother William were baptised on January 16th 1798 in Maulden Bedfordshire. Their parents were Sam and Sarah Bandy.  Ann married my great x 3 grandfather Thomas Billingham in Maulden although her surname was then spelt Bendee. Sophia had married Thomas's brother William on June 4th 1811 but sadly she died some two months later. Sophia was again named Bendee.I have not been able to find out anything more about Ann and Sophia's parents, Sam and Sarah.

Any help would be much appreciated. Best wishes

Nigel Billingham



William Bandy born c.1853 Aylesbury, son of Daniel (poss David) Bandy

Further to my earlier request for information on William Bandy of Derby [see below], I can now confirm that William Bandy was born on the 11th September 1878 in Derby, to William and Annie Bandy. Annie's maiden name was Buckley and they were married on the 23 December 1876 at Derby Record Office.  According to this marriage certificate it looks like this elder William's father  was Daniel, although there is a very small chance that it could be be David because the copy is not clear. The certificate indicates that William was 22 or maybe 25 (a figure has been crossed out and there is both a 2 and a 5 after the first 2). The 1881 census shows that he was born around 1853 in Aylesbury. Does any one have any further information - such as any details from the 1861 census?

Thanks again Paula Bandy



Liza ( Elizabeth?) Clementine [Clemmie] BANDY 
b 18-Sep-1857 Macon Georgia, m John L Stevenson 16-Jul-1871, d 1936 Modesto or Patterson CA

John Luther Stevenson, born Oct.1843 in Tennesee, Married Liza (possibly Elizabeth] Clementine [Clemmie] Bandy born 18-Sep-1857. Marriage date 16-Jul-1871. She died 1936, and is buried either in Modesto or Patterson California. They were my Great Grand Parents. Oh, she was born in Macon, Georgia. Any info you could give me as to the parents of Liza would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you James William Bush



Descendants of Charles Eugene BANDY, especially Jean or Charlotte
probably Osceola, Arkansas 1920-26

My father, Charles Bowen BANDY, was born in 1923 in Osceola, Arkansas. His parents, Charles Eugene BANDY (born in West Point, Mississippi 1901, d. 1926, son of Eugene BANDY) and Ruth Elizabeth BOWEN (born near Osceola, Arkansas 1902 d. 1982 daughter of Robert Lewis BOWEN & Sara Frances BRYANT) moved to Memphis, Tennessee. They also had a younger daughter, Ruth.

Charles Eugene BANDY was married before. His wife died. They had one daughter, Charlotte (called Jean 1921) she was raised by her mother's family. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Thankyou  Cathleen Bandy Lesiewicz



William Bandy (born 1879) in Derby England

William was my great grandfather. He moved at the end of 19th century to Chard with the lace industry and died in an accident in 1920. He left his wife Amy (nee Aplin) and 8 (possibly 9 children). I believe his father was also called William, who may have been born in 1856 in Aylesbury and married Annie (maiden name unknown). There was at least one other child, a sister to my great-grandfather, whose married name was Harvey (first name unknown). I am looking for any information on William Bandy and his siblings and descendants.

Thanks  Paula Bandy

REPLY From Peter Jones, Liverpool.
I have the following which might relate to your William. I hope they are of use to you but please check the References again before you spend any money obtaining certificates!

William BIRTH Dec 1878 DERBY 7B 506 
William DEATH Sep 1920 CHARD 5C 369 

I'm unable to trace any Marriage and/or Baptisms of any children without Venues and Names! Best of luck. If you think I can help with anything else, get in touch.



Sarah Bandy - head of a mystery Aylesbury Family in 1881

Can anyone help me trace the ancestors and/or descendants of this Bandy family from Aylesbury, Bucks England, whose details appear in the 1881 UK Census?

Dwelling:	69 New Zealand
	Census Place:	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Source:	FHL Film 1341356     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 1472    Folio 89    Page 38
			Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
Sarah BANDY		M	41 	F	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Head
	Occ:	Hawkers Wife
Daniel E. BANDY		U	20 	M	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Son
	Occ:	Grocers Assistant
George BANDY	 		18 	M	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Son
	Occ:	Gardener Assistant
Sarah BANDY	 		10 	F	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Daur
	Occ:	Scholar
Emma BANDY	 		15 	F	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Daur
	Occ:	Scholar
Harry BANDY	 		12 	M	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Son
	Occ:	Scholar
Tilley BANDY	 		7 	F	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Daur
	Occ:	Scholar
Frederick BANDY	 		5 	M	Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
	Rel:	Son
	Occ:	Scholar

These Bandy's are, I believe, related to a small group living in Western Australia who are not immediately connected to us. While in Perth for Christmas, I recently met and spoke to a lovely man of 95 called Frederick (everyone calls me "Tom") Bandy. Born in Colchester, Essex, he has lived with his family in Perth for over 50 years and I was the first Bandy he had ever met. His father was also Frederick and he spoke fondly of an Aunty Tilly and an Uncle Harry back home in England. His father's father was a Daniel and I notice the eldest son has that name, but there is no mention of a husband to Sarah in the 1881 Census. This Daniel's father was a William Bandy.

"Tom's" memory is quite remarkable and he can recall how he and his father used to treat and repair the army boots which came back to England from the European front. They would frequently acquire nasty skin rashes from these disease-carrying boots which often necessitated unpleasant sulphur? baths to get rid of the offending germs.

I would be grateful if anyone had some information to pass on to this remarkable man.

I promised him I would try and find the connection between his family and mine.

Peter Bandy []

REPLY From Peter Jones, Liverpool.
Re the family of your Sarah BANDY, I have the following to offer:
Nothing recorded on Sarah as such, but if she married a BANDY then she would not have been born
a BANDY. However I do have a Sarah as the mother of the same children you list, at their baptisms
at Aylesbury. Her husband on these baptisms is Daniel, the children's father. Accordingly I have
looked for the marriage of a Daniel and a Sarah and I have turned up the following: -
Daniel BANDY married Sarah YATES on 11.7.1859 at Aylesbury, St. Mary's. 
     The GRO Ref for a Certificate is SEP 1859 MARRIAGE AYLESBURY 3A 549.
I have a record for Daniel BANDY when he died in 1897 at Aylesbury 
     and the GRO Ref for that is MAR 1897 DEATH AYLESBURY 3A 439. 
     I have him being born about 1829!
Going through the children I have the following baptised children with 
Daniel and Sarah as parents in Aylesbury, St. Mary's: -
Daniel Edwin    		GRO Ref. MAR 1861 BIRTH AYLESBURY 4A 419.
			IGI Ref.  BAPT. 17.2.1861 AYLESBURY
John Jonces & William    	IGI Ref.  BAPT. 19.4.1861    AYLESBURY.
George        		IGI Ref.  BAPT. 18.1.1862    AYLESBURY
Sarah Ann    		IGI Ref.  BAPT. 10.2.1871    AYLESBURY
Emma        		GRO Ref. MAR 1866 BIRTH AYLESBURY 3A 479.
                                	IGI Ref.  BAPT. 15.7.1866 AYLESBURY
Henry Daniel (Harry)    	IGI Ref.  BAPT. 4.10.1868 AYLESBURY
Annie Matilda (Tilley)    	IGI Ref.  BAPT. 15.4.1874 AYLESBURY
Frederick        		GRO Ref. JUN 1876 BIRTH AYLESBURY 3A 558
                                    	IGI Ref.  BAPT. 10.2.1876 AYLESBURY
                                    	IGI Ref.  MARRIAGE 16.4.1900 AYLESBURY 
				to Augusta Esther CROWDER.



John Calvin Bandy  (c1870 - c1905) and wife Nancy Wilks (c1870 - c1905) probably in VA or NC

My Great Great Grand father was named John Calvin Bandy (There are several John's but not John Calvin's) he was born sometime in the 1870's no one is sure of the time because when his son, my Great Grandfather, Joseph Calvin was only a little baby John and Nancy Wilks (his wife) died. Leaving a BIG gap that I can not seem to close. Now Joseph Calvin was born in 1900 in Memphis, TN. so John & Nancy died in between 1900-1905. This is what we have:

John Calvin Bandy--- born 1870's probably in either VA or NC

his wife--Nancy Wilks--- born 1870's where unknown

their son--Joseph Calvin--- born April 1900 died April 1977

his wife--Katie Lurlen Hendren--- born Nov 1894 died Feb 1981

their sons

John-- June 1919 died 1989

(John has at least 1 son his name is Billy)

Charles Iva--- born Feb 1923 still alive (was told that Iva was one of his dad's cousins' names maybe this is some clue to something?)
his wife--Nubi Lorraine Fiedler-- born July 1930 still alive

their sons-

Glenn Charles-- born Dec 1950 Glenn has no children

Richard Eugene-- born July 1956
his wife--Terry Lynn Warner-- born July 1964

their sons--

Michael Forest--- (mothered by Debbie Lou Forbes) born 1978 
Matthew Glenn--- born Oct 1989
Douglas Joseph--- born Oct 1995

Thank you for your time and help.

Michael F Bandy Sr.



Rose Evelina-Condley Bandy   UPDATED December 3, 1999

b. 23 Dec 1883 Dover, Arkansas d. March 1974. Portland, Oregon 
widow of Charles C. Bandy. married: 1903 d. 2 Apr 1949

Samuel A. Bandy and Delila Black had a son named Charles C. Bandy with the same date of death, but no other information available.  

My Aunt Rose was from the Condley family and I would very much like to get more information on my great aunt and uncle.

Rose's SISTER: My great aunt Virginia Mae Condley b. 31-Aug-1890, married Cecil Vandergriff 3-Dec-1908.
The parents of Rose Condley and Virginia Mae Condley were from Portland, Oregon: Stephen M. Condley (b. 1855, d. 19 Nov 1937) and Mary Jayne "Mollie" Holloway Condley (b. 14 Feb 1858, d. 23 Mar 1943).

On another Family print out I have there is an Edward Bandy listed. but no other information. Some other family names are Guthrie, Meredith, Anderson, Tune.

There was also a Pearl Elizabeth Guthrie 1901 (related to the Condleys, too) who married an Edward Bandy (no other information available on these two) AND a Virginia Bandy (1900-1937) who married someone with the last name Phipps. 2 children: J.A. Phipps (1920-1942)...and William Phipps (apparently still living) Per a family letter dated June 1999. "William Phipps has been in the movies for about 50 years. He was the voice of Prince Charming in the movie Cinderella.. Has appeared on Perry Mason shows, however the family has not heard from him in a long time."

Please email me anytime. Thank you.




Is Thomas Richard really the son of Thomas C. and Sallie?
I am a g-grandson of Thomas Richard Bandy who marrried Eliza Jane Sayers in Tazewell County, Virginia on 18 Feb 1864, through his daugher Mary Belle Bandy who married George Hankins, and then their son James Robert Hankins.

I am confused as to the parentage of Thomas Richard. According to the book, "Annuals of Tazewell County" by John Newton Harman, Thomas Richard was the son of Thomas C. Bandy and his second wife, Sarah (Sallie) Shrader Wool(d)ridge, whom he married 16 July 1842. Thomas C's first wife was Nancy Peery, whom he married in Botetourt County, Virginia on 7 Apr 1806.

According to Tazewell County marriage records, when Thomas Richard was married on 18 Feb 1864, his age was listed as 25 years, 7 months, 21 days. This would make his birthdate 27 June 1838. His parents were listed as Thomas and Sallie Bandy.

My problems and questions are:

Is Thomas Richard really the son of Thomas C. and Sallie, if he was born more than 4 years before they were married?

Is he instead the son of Thomas C and his first wife, Nancy Peery? This, also doesn't seem too likely, as Nancy and Thomas C were married in 1806, which meant that Nancy would probably have been 50 years old, or so, assuming that she was married at 18, when Thomas Richard was born. Does anybody know when Nancy died?

Is it possible that Thomas Richard was the son of Sarah (Sallie) Shrader Wool(d)ridge by her first husband John I. Wool(d)ridge and that he was raised as Thomas C's son after he married John Woolridge's widow. Does anyone know when John Woolridge died?

Does anyone have any other facts on this? Would appreciate any help I can get on this as well as opinions.

Glenn A. Hankins



I don't know where to go from here - the information that I have is: 1. husband name James Roger Cavel 2. parents John Huston Cavel and Thelma Lee Bandy 3. her parents Claude (could be Claud) Clay Bandy, born 10-9-1881 in Bowie, Texas and Hattie Mae Gore, born 9-21-1896, they were married 2-13-1932. He had been married before and had two boys from that marriage that they raised together and had 4 children between the two of them. The grandchildren of Claude Clay all are in contact with each other but we don't have any information before this. I think that he had a least 3 maybe 4 brothers and one sister. One brothers name was Buck, we are in contact with his descendants but they don't have any other information either. Can you help me in any way or give me any idea on how to start getting information. 

Thank You, Ronda Cavel,



I've gotten back to my, George Otis. He was from Ohio, although I'm not sure he was born there. I saw in the Roy McRory file that he has 2 Richards circa 1720, one married to (Mahala or Mahaila) Jane Cummings and one married to Elizabeth Moss.  I think I'm on the right track with the latter, as I noticed his grandson George moved his family to Ohio between 1825 & 1832. Then their descendants were living and dying in Pike Co., where my gf. Woodrow was born Jan.2,1913.  Of course it gets easier after that! Can anyone give me any help with this line?

Fred Richard Bandy Jr.



Does anyone have documentation on the early Bandy records in Virginia?



Does anyone have any references to documentary proof of the existence of Richard and Mahalia?
a lot of us want to know



Why is the the town of Bandy so called?

everybody in England


please email your genealogical wants to us