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updated 24 July 2005

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Genealogical Software
Judging from the survey forms returned so far not many people are using genealogical software at all!  Some (including me) admit to having a pile of disorganised paper! 
However Family Tree Maker (FTW) and Personal Ancestry File (PAF) are the two programs which have been mentioned, with all respondents happy with their choice of software.  I use PAF to create most of the web pages for the genealogies on this site and I think it is the best product for that task.  I must say that I think that PAF also meets most of a genealogist's basic needs and it is free - so why pay more?

In addition to PAF, I have FTW, Generations and Custodian2 but my main research tool is The Master Genealogist (TMG) which has an enthusiastic following.  In my opinion TMG is the best of the bunch but frankly, I feel that these products are fine for recording and illustrating your tree after you have finished doing your research, but not much help while you are researching. Custodian 2 is meant to help you record your source data (UK orientated product).  It may suit some people - but not me I am afraid.

I have recently acquired Genealogy for Windows (by Deltadrive in the UK) which is the first product that I have seen that comes near to my idea of a genealogical research system.  It actually helps you sort out your data before making your links.  However it does not contain the reporting and web publishing tools that other products have.  This would be acceptable if you could export your results to one of the other packages.  But, although it can export Gedcom, PAF and FTW don't seem to be able to handle the results adequately.  This is a great pity because in other respects I think this product is a very useful one.

What do you think?

System Software
It is a Microsoft world!  No other systems have been mentioned (yet).