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24-Oct-2006 7th DNA result confirms genealogies - but still no evidence of English descent in the US
8-Jun-2006 early DNA results show US & English families not related
24-Jul-2005 New revised version of Founding BANDY Fathers added
most gedcoms removed from site because of pirating
reseracher's emails removed because of harvesting for spamming
19-Apr-2005 Camellia Crockett Reece added to researchers
12-Apr-2005 Founding BANDY Fathers
new consolidated version linking US & English lines published
17-Feb-2005 Photo of Lewellen (Lewis) Allen Bandy from great granddaughter Donna O'Neill
01-Feb-2005 Photo of Mary Bandy (1845-1914) from great granddaughter Gail Louise KENT
18-Jan-2005 William S Bandy added to Researchers
16-Jan-2005 US Distribution of Bandys in 1920 added
5-Dec-2004 HMS Pandora update
31-Oct-2004 News Report Bandy Battlefield Reunion in Perryville
  Anne Kanter added to Researchers
  Gordon T Gates added to Researchers
21-Sep-2004 Photo of Emily B(r)andy of Rushden NTH from Carole Forbush
  update on Escondido Bandy Blacksmiths
  James T Bandy added to Researchers
  Penelope Lee Bandy Burge added to Researchers
  Michelle Bandy added to Researchers
  Rebecca Ann Bandy added to Researchers
  Thomas Bandy added to Researchers
19-Sep-2004 Cherie Wilcox Carl added to Researchers
  Justin Bondy added to Researchers
  Janie Thorogood added to Researchers
20-Aug-2004 Photo of  Elizabeth Bandy from Aylesbury Gaol
3-May-2004 Photo of Eber Jabez Bandey and his wife Mary Brewer from Philip Havelock
13-Feb-2004 Photos of Freely Skiles Bandy and family members from Rebecca J Bandy
5-Feb-2004 Excerpts from "Historical record of the city of Savannah" found by Cheri Robinson
  Benjamin D Bandy added to Researchers
  Karen Sanderson added to Researchers
  Brenda Gaddie added to Researchers
  Joan S Miels added to Researchers
30-Jan-2004 The Commercial Premises at Wing, Bucks in the mid 20th Century by Ken Bandy
  Rebecca Bandy added to Researchers
  Judy Prosser-Armstrong added to Researchers

 1_Jan-2004  20,000 HITS SINCE OPENING

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