dateline: 11-Jun-2001

another planned for 2002
by Julia Bandy []

Although attendance was down slightly from previous years,  the reunion of the John H. and Susan Gravatt Bandy family descendants, held 11:00 am, June 10, 2001 at the Bourbon Community Center in Crawford Co., Mo.  was reckoned to be a great success by everybody.  There was a wide spread of attendance.  Among the 87 people at the reunion were those from  Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Virginia and Indiana as well as Missouri. The oldest person was 96 years old and the youngest was only 10 months old. We had a very delicious carry in pot luck meal and there was a silent auction to help cover expenses.  There was also a very interesting display of items of our family history.  

Plans are being made for another reunion next year, June 9, 2002 at the same place.  Ms. Marjorie Bandy is the chairman of the event.

Kentucky Bandy Cemetery IN poor condition
by Derek Bandy

The Bandy cemetery in Breckinridge County, Kentucky near Garfield is now in a poor state of repair reports Maurice E. Bandy.  Maurice remembers seeing it on a visit in the early 1940s, with his Grandfather and Great Uncle. The cemetery is located at the South East Corner of Route U. S. 60 and  Kentucky Route 86 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.  The cemetery faces U. S. 60 and is unmarked but can be seen clearly from the highway.  George (son of Richard #1) and his wife are buried there along with most of the Bandys that remained in Breckinridge County.  There is a second cemetery on The George Taylor Bandy Farm located about 3 miles east of  "The Bandy Cemetery" on U. S. 60 and Kentucky 333 (Webster Road).  The others are buried in cemeteries in Cloverport, Hardinsburg, Irvington, and churches in the countryside.

Maurice tells us that the only grave that is now identifiable is Richard's. The other markers have suffered the ravages of acid rain and neglect and some of them are broken or are lying on the ground.  Most are no longer legible.  The cemetery is now being used by others and is nearly full.  Worse, he remembers that the area in the Bandy Cemetery was more than twice the size it is now.