dateline: Nov-2004

Bandy Battlefield Reunion in Perryville
(from our correspondent Debi)

It was cool and breezy weather for a warm-hearted Bandy reunion at the Perryville KY Battlefield when 26 descendants of James Anderson Bandy (1874-1935) and his wife Lucille "Celia" Young assembled on Sunday October 17th 2004. Although attendance was a little down on earlier years everybody had a great time. Whilst some hiked the trails in the hills and autumn tinted woods round the battlefield others visited the museum and gift shop. The youngsters were able to play in the playground and round the site. But the heart of the reunion was in the pavilion, sitting around the fireplace, sharing family stories and memories. Most of the six family groups present, each representing one of the ten children of James Anderson Bandy, had 3 or 4 generations at the reunion. The oldest person was Addie Shelton Bandy (born 1909), widow of Una Samuel Bandy one of James Anderson’s sons. Whilst the youngest was Tabor Bandy (born 1996) James Anderson’s great great grandson. Alex Jae Alvey attended his first reunion with his father Paul Gene Bandy Jr. "Chuck".

Deborah Michelle Bandy "Debi" also attended the reunion and writes: “Both sides of my family host their reunions at the battlefield. We meet at a covered Pavilion with separate bathrooms, electric and a fireplace. It has made great memories for me for many years. I had a printout of the hourglass tree of James Anderson Bandy and Celia Young as the parents, with their 2nd Great Grandparents, and their descendents thru 3rd Great Grandchildren. I take a wall size chart each year and family members stand around and trace their lineage with their fingers. They add and correct information. I also take a green, leather-bound guest register titled "Deborah Michelle Bandy-Family Reunion", I have everyone sign in with name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email and notes. It helps with correspondence. I put labels on the tops of the pages with the Name of the reunion, place and date. This is the first Bandy reunion I've taken it to.”

Every body owes a big thank you to James Howard Bandy who organized the whole thing for us. We will be getting together again at the same place, around the same time next year. James Howard will make the arrangements in early 2005.

For the record, those attending were:

Representing Una Samuel Bandy (1904-1976)
1. Una's widow, Addie Shelton (1909) of Hustonville, KY
2. Daughter, Edna "Geraldine" Bandy Rousey (1930) of Stanford, KY
3. Daughter, Margie E. Bandy Johnson (1935) of Danville, KY

Representing Ira Roosevelt Bandy (1907-1978)
4. Son of James Garland, Tony Lee Bandy (1960) of Louisville, KY
5. Son, Paul Gene Bandy Sr. (1937) of Ekron KY
6. Wife of Paul Sr., Deborah Lynn Vanover Bandy (1959) of Ekron, KY
7. Son of Paul Sr., Paul Gene Bandy Jr. "Chuck" (1960) of Louisville, KY
8. Chuck's son, Alex Jae Alvey (1995) of Louisville, KY
9. Daughter of Paul Sr., Deborah Michelle Bandy "Debi" (1967) of Ekron, KY

Representing Luther Madison Bandy (1910-1999)
10. Widow of Harold Lee Bandy, Rosemary Tarleton Crain Bandy (1936) of Nicholasville, KY
11. & 12. Margaret and David Crain Rosemary’s relatives
13. Son, George Parker Bandy "Jeter" (1933) of Lancaster, KY
14. Wife of Jeter, Geneva Sowder Bandy (1934) of Lancaster, KY
15. Daughter, Betty Jane Bandy Coontz (1935) of Danville
16. Grandchild, Micha Derick Wade (1987
17. Grandchild Kara Wade of Lancaster KY
18. Grandchild, Stacy Elizabeth Coontz (1975) of Danville, KY

Representing Hope Carlisle "Carl" Bandy (1912-1994)
19. Son, James "Howard" Bandy (1945) of Hustonville, KY
20. Wife of Howard, Carolyn "Joyce" Hubbard Bandy (1945) of Hustonville, KY
21. Son of Howard and Joyce, Shea Bandy (1968) of Stanford, KY
22. Howard's grandchild, Tabor Bandy (1996)

Representing James Wallace "Jack" Bandy(1921-2002)
23. His Widow, Delores Ann "Dody" LaDuke Bandy (1930) of Louisville, KY
24. Grandchild, Jason Erik Bandy (1980) of Clermont, KY
25. Wife of Jason, Sandra Richardson Bandy (1983) of Clermont, KY
26. Grandchild, Mathew Justin Bandy (1983) of Shepherdsville, KY 
(Jason and Matthew are the sons of James Cooper "Jay" Bandy(1956) and Sheila Elizabeth Spoon Bandy(1957) )