dateline:27 Jul 1999


The full text of Dale Bandy's extensive book "The Bandy Family in Early America" was today published on the web in both browse and down load versions.  This is a major work on Bandy history, the printed version is over 275 pages and comprises nearly 500,000 words.  Dale says that the book is undergoing continuous revisions and updates as new information comes to hand.  Even while it was being prepared for publication he had added more than ten new pages.  
Both Dale and his web editor, Derek Bandy, are hoping that this publication will stimulate further interest in the Bandy family history and elicit further input from the growing band of Bandy family historians.  Further editions of the book will be published on a regular basis as more contributions (and corrections) are received.  The book, which contains a wealth of family stories of the good, the bad and the downright strange, is published on www. the specialist Bandy Family Website.   Its sponsor, Derek Bandy says that his site is dedicated to promoting interest in, and contact between members of, the worldwide Bandy family.  

200 Bandys at  Dubuque, Iowa Reunion 24-Jul-1999
by Tracey Watkins 

We held the reunion at Swiss Valley Park in Dubuque, Iowa on Saturday July 24th.  The reunion started at 11:00 am and went on all day long. We began with an opening prayer and we remembered all the Bandys that had passed away.   We had everyone stand up and introduce themselves. The 200 members of the family present enjoyed a lot of different activities including water balloon races, horseshoes, euchre, a watermelon seed spitting contest, guessing the weight of the watermelon and a guessing jar of candy, karaoke as well as bobbing for apples.  We gave prizes for each event and also gave a door prize. We collected $353 from playing  jail house - someone would have a person arrested and then it would cost $1.00 for every minute they were in there until someone came and bailed them out - and an auction. 

We certainly ate well,  people brought their own meat and drink as well as a dish to pass.  So the variety included chicken, brats, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pea salad, cakes, german potatoes, corn on cob, in fact too much food to mention it all.  We really had a good turn out over all. We shared old pictures, and stories. The oldest person there was Neva Shoars and she was 86 years old, the oldest male there was Preston White, he was 77 years old.  The youngest one there was Evan Hingten,  just 6 weeks old. 

Next year will be even better and we hope more people will be there. The $353.00 we collected  will be used for next years reunion.  I really do hope that everyone will read the announcement in the family announcements section and will contact me about next year's reunion.

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In a new breakthrough has published a genealogical outline covering Canadian family lines.  The new data from Joan  Kondratowicz starts with English forebears and shows links to US Bandy families.  This new publication will be a great boon to the select band of Canadian researchers
name origin debate goes on
Cheri Robinson is certainly doing her bit to inform the debate about the origin of the Family name.  In a recent letter to the editor (see the letters page) she says that the librarian [of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation] could not connect the family to the Huguenots that settled near colonial Williamsburg.  Perhaps the Huguenot origin story relates to a marriage with a Huguenot family?  In another letter she shows a Dutch connection with a name change from Banta!


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