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A new Website dedicated to the Bandy family has opened for business.  The site, hosted by is called   Its sponsor, Derek Bandy says that his site is dedicated to promoting interest in, and contact between members of, the worldwide Bandy family.  
The site will focus on research into the history and genealogy of the Bandy family, but will also carry family news and advertising to encourage family contact.

This site is offered as a service to everybody who is interested in the Bandy family.  He intends to publish all contributions, space permitting.  "Hopefully, over time we will be able to gather sufficient data and sufficient interest to consider forming a one name society.
The idea of a website dedicated to fostering a particular Families' interests is relatively new and many people will be watching to see if this one is successful.  In the end it will depend on the other members of the family!
Will the Bandys of the world have sufficient interest to build the best family orientated website in the world?

the search for Richard continues
Many American Bandys trace their descent from a Richard Bandy who arrived between 1725 and 1742 giving his place of origin as Liverpool.  Who was he?  Derek Bandy has
serious doubts that  Richard was born in Liverpool.  "I have no current evidence about any Bandy families outside of the south East of England. Nevertheless I will do my research eventually to make sure. My doubts arise for the reason given above and the well documented fact that most immigrants gave their port of departure as their place of "origin", rather than their place of birth.  I have similar doubts about Dublin as the birthplace of his wife. It is unlikely that anyone would be born in Liverpool and baptised in Bedfordshire without the register making some comment.
" My guess is that he is: Richard Bandy:  Baptised (birth date not recorded ) 8-Jul-1722 in the Anglican parish church of Cardington Bedfordshire the son of Richard ( Labourer) and Ann Bandy - information source is the Cardington Parish Register Transcript (volume VIII) in the Bedfordshire County Record Office.  There are a number of Richards who could be the father located in nearby parishes in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  My guess is that he is the son of Richard Bandy and Ann Major of Elstow, married 29-Sep-1715 Elstow, Bedfordshire.  I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this - especially any evidence that there were Bandys in Liverpool that early."

June 19-20, 1999

near Lenore City, TN. 
contact Clarence L. Bandy, Jr

Mary Mollie Kever (nee Bandy) 1866-1902

gbnTrans10x10.gif (822 bytes) Is she one of the Texas Fighting Bandys, and who is the man? Is this the earliest Bandy photograph?  Please send your answers to the editor.



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One of the suggested origins of the Bandy name is French, yet there appear to be no families of that name in France today.   So the question arises - where did the French Bandys go?
A number of solutions are possible:
* they simply died out.
* they moved to England and formed the English family from which we all appear to descend
* they moved to Switzerland and formed the Bandi family.
*some combination of the first and the others.
It seems unlikely that this mystery will be solved in the near future, if at all, because of the lack of records that early.  However we wold all be interested in any views from researchers on the subject.

please send us your family news

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