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The first International Bandy Reunion was held in Buckinghamshire England on Sunday 10th September 2000 when Jack Bandy from California, USA and Derek Bandy from London, England met and toured a number of villages with Bandy associations in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  During their lunch (a  pint of English Bitter and a Stilton Plowman's Lunch) in Whitchurch Derek was able to tell Jack that he was only the second Bandy who was not directly related that Derek had ever met.The two started their tour in Pulloxhill Bedfordshire(Beds) - the home town of John Bandy who was transported to America in February 1688.  They then drove on to Elstow and Cardington in Beds, villages that Derek believes are associated with THE Richard. 

Derek (left) and Jack after lunch

After driving through Milton Keynes in Bucks they visited Padbury before stopping for lunch at Whitchurch.  Jack found the small scale of the area and the short distances between the villages surprising.  It was clear that the Bandys of the 16th to 19th centuries who lived in the area, and mostly worked as farm labourers - or similar occupations - would have been able to walk from one village to the next in less than a day.

In the afternoon they visited Wing where Derek was able to show Jack the gravestone of his g.g. uncle Henry (1851-74), son of Zebedee and Catherine Bandy,   in the churchyard of All Saints Church (see picture left).  Jack and Derek took time to look inside the building which is one of the finest Saxon churches in England with many features dating from the 7th to 10th centuries.  Derek's line had been founded in Wing in 1800 by the marriage of William Bandy to Hannah Green in that year.  William was probably from Waddesden, which was the last town on their itinerary.

On their way back to London Derek took the opportunity to show Jack the Quaker meeting house at Jordans Bucks - the resting place of William Penn - and the nearby site of the Mayflower Barn whose structural timbers were "salvaged" from The Mayflower. They were also able to see Windsor Castle.


Scot Jane Cumming transported from Liverpool 1747
by Cheri Robinson

In a book entitled, "The Original Scots Colonists of Early America (1612-1783)", by David Dobson, published by the Genealogical Publishing Co. (9.29.73), I find a most interesting entry. It lists Jane Cumming, resident of Alvie Morayshire, transported 22 April 1747, from Liverpool, to Virginia on board the Johnson. Arrived Port Oxford, Maryland 5 Aug. 1747. It lists as resources the following: Prisoners of the '45, B. Seton, Edinburgh 1929 and Public Record Office, London, T1.328.  

Port Oxford is in Talbot county, Maryland. It was heavily settled by Huguenots.  I find this very interesting. We now have a record of real person named Jane Cumming.  Although not a resident of Liverpool, she was transported from there, which ties in with family legend.  She settled in an area where we find Bannings and Bandys. The date fits in with the time period of Richard. And the area was heavily settled with Huguenots.  Although this does not prove a Huguenot connection, it may explain why the tradition came to be.  

Reviewing other passengers aboard the Johnson and other boats of the time, I find a John Brandy and several people with names such as Bane and Bayne. I'm beginning to feel that Jane does fit somehow into the history of the Bandy family.  Other Cummins and Cummings aboard ships at the time were: William Cummins, David Cummins, Peter Cummin, and Duncan Cumming. I believe that William was Jane's father. He arrived in Maryland in 1716.

Reunion Report
Swiss Valley Park, Dubuque, Iowa, USA 
15th July 2000

The reunion was a great one again this year. We had a few new faces that weren't there last year. We also had some new editions that weren't born yet last year. The newest edition was just born the week of the reunion, and the oldest one there was 87. We just did a kind of "visiting" type of reunion this year where everyone just got to know each other better. We had lots of food, fun, and laughs. The dinner consisted of ham, potato salad, green beans, baked beans, coleslaw, buns, and tons of desserts; my Dad, his wife and I prepared the meal. We had 2 fellows get their guitars out and play and sing to us. They were good too. We did the guessing game of how many potatoes we cooked up for the potato salad. It was 50 lbs. We also did a gumball guessing game for the kids. We had an auction again this year and it was a huge success. We raised $812.04 and it will be used towards next years reunion. Sadly to say I won't be doing it next year. I have handed it over to someone else because it got to be too much for me to do alone.

by Tracey Watkins


1st International 
family reunion 

Ancestors and relatives of Rose Eveline Condley 
(m. Charles C. Bandy..1903)

DATE: 7 Oct 2000
PLACE: Hector, Arkansas

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