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The main genealogies presented on this website are now the consolidated American and English genealogies known as the Founding Fathers genealogies.  These genealogies are mainly the work of Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank with considerable help from Dale Bandy (USA) and Derek Bandy (England) with grateful thanks to all the many researchers who provided information and who are acknowledged in the notes.

  The majority of Gedcom downloads have now been removed from this site because we have become aware that some files have been pirated and are being offered for sale.



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updated 23-Jul-2005  
Founding BANDY Fathers V5

by the Eubanks & Derek Bandy
This genealogy includes the details of all the DIFFERENT families using the BANDY Surname in England, the US and Australia, it contains
13,170 Individuals. There is also a combined index and extensive notes and sources.
This is the fullest most complete set of genealogies of the families that has ever been published, but, naturally it is still incomplete.  We still need your help to expand and correct it

updated 26-May-2002 John Frazier has now been shown to be J F Bandy (640, 18-1827 in the Gallimaufry)
son of Simeon Bandy (639, 17-1179)
& Hester Ann Koger

 by Charlotte Bandy Bunnell
& Cathleen Bandy Lesiewicz


Descendants of 
John Frazier BANDY (b. bef 1880)
& Mary GOODE


added 7-Nov-2001

by Peter Bandy
This is the elder branch of the family
ed by William and Anne Bandy who arrived near Melbourne from Bedfordshire 6 months before Thomas & Sarah arrived in 1849.  This genealogy has now been consolidated into the "Founding Fathers"

Descendants of William Bandy 
(c1815 - 1887) of Aspley Guise 
founder of the elder Australian line in Victoria

added 18-Jan-2001

a newly revised version by Lorana L Gibbs

Descendants of 
John Franklin BANDY & Ellen Lee CLAYCOMB

Contains descendant lines which are 
not detailed in the Gallimaufry genealogies
added 14-Jan-2001 by Jerry L Lynn
Descendants of George BANDY 
& Christina Slinkard

Contains descendant lines which are 
not detailed in the Gallimaufry genealogies

added 1-Nov-2000

 by Becky Smith

Descendants of 
Mary Polly BANDY & Jonathan JAMES 
(m. 23 Apr 1810 in Botetourt Co., VA)

this family group is not detailed in the 
Gallimaufry genealogies

added 11-May-2000

by Wanda & Jerry Barnette

Descendants of Richard 1722-95 
& Tazewell County Connections


added 23-Mar-2000 

by Dale Bandy

Guide to Bandy Gallimaufry and The Bandy Family in Early America


added 11-Mar-2000 

by Joan Thomas

Descendants of Thomas BANDEY 
(abt 1742 - aft 1797) of Houghton Regis, BDF, Eng


added 14-Jan-2000 

Descendants of Richard Bandy (1722-95) 
this is a further US descent from Richard - but contains some new branches 

by Virginia Jackson

added 9-jan-2000  

Descendants of Thomas Bandy (m 1758) 
of Padbury, Buckinghamshire 
leading to the Fookes Family

David S Fookes
N.B.  This file contains Thomas Bandy (m 1779) of Waddesden Bucks, as does Peter Bandy's file below.  BUT differs from Peter on Thomas' ancestry.
Can anybody help with this ?

added 27-Nov-1999  

Descendants of William Bandy (c1780-c1860 ) leading to the Evans family
This is an updated and extended version of the file Wes Evans provided earlier.  It now also contains Cheri Covey's data.

Wes Evans

added 15-Nov-1999 

Peter Bandy's Western Australian Data Base
Includes the descendants of Edward Bandy 
( buried 28-Nov-1698) of Thornborough, Buckinghamshire England

Peter Bandy
This is the younger branch founded by 
Thomas & Sarah who arrived in 1849.
The elder branch of the family was  founded by William and Anne  who arrived near Melbourne from Bedfordshire 6 months earlier
This genealogy has now been consolidated into the "Founding Fathers"

added 6-Oct-1999    

Roam Family Genealogy 
includes descendants of Thomas Bandy 
b: 22-Jun-1748 Cumberland,Va.

Micheal Roam

added 2-Sep-1999  

Descendants of Thomas Oakley 
includes the BUNDY line

James L Bundy

added 27-Aug-1999  

US mini Genealogies 37 unlinked family groups

Larry Ozbun

added 3-Aug-1999 

Fred Richard Bandy Jr. Lines   

Fred Richard Bandy Jr.

added 16-Jul-1999  

Descendants of Elizabeth Bandy (1799-1879)

Al Rosenfield

added 13-Jul-1999   

Canadian Genealogies 
with English roots and US connections

Joan Kondratowicz
This genealogy is now being consolidated into the "Founding Fathers"



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