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(?), (?) (Daniel's first wife) to (?), Elizabeth
(?), Elizabeth (Will's) to (?), Mary H
(?), Mary J to Albertson, Thomas
Alberty, John to Backlog, Robert (tanner)
Badcock, Ann to Bandey, Matilda
Bandey, Michael John to Bandy, Alice Maud
Bandy, Alice Myrtle to Bandy, Arthur Thomas
Bandy, Arthur Thomas to Bandy, Charles AaronGriffin
Bandy, Charles Alfred to Bandy, David H
Bandy, David Henley to Bandy, Eleanor
Bandy, Elenson (Alanson) to Bandy, Elzira Alice
Bandy, Ema Gertrude to Bandy, Florence R
Bandy, Florence Sophia to Bandy, George
Bandy, George to Bandy, Harriett Jane
Bandy, Harriot to Bandy, infant
Bandy, Infant to Bandy, James William
Bandy, James Yancy to Bandy, John
Bandy, John to Bandy, Joseph F
Bandy, Joseph Henry to Bandy, Lillian Belle
Bandy, Lillian H to Bandy, Margaret Ann
Bandy, Margaret Ann to Bandy, Mary Alice
Bandy, Mary Alice to Bandy, Minette Henry
Bandy, Minna to Bandy, Oscar
Bandy, Oscar Elmer to Bandy, Robert
Bandy, Robert to Bandy, Sara Louise
Bandy, Sara P to Bandy, Susan
Bandy, Susan to Bandy, Thomas Walter
Bandy, Thomas Walter to Bandy, William
Bandy, William to Bandy, Woodford B
Bandy, Woodford Meriwether to Beeman, James
Bell, (?) to Blunt, William
Boan, Evalina to Bragg, William Robert
Bragg, William Robert to Brown, Francis M
Brown, Frederick to Burman, Thomas
Burnes, Maria E to Campbell, William L
Cantabury, Eva to Clark, William
Clay, Fannie (Jennie) to Corbit, William
Corden, Elmer to Cusick, Rufus Steele
Cusick, Sally to Dillon, William
Dimmock, Ann to Dunbar, William P
Duncan, Bettie to Fahnestock, Frank
Fallin, Henry Clay to Frazier, Caroline
Fred, Francis to Goodson, Thomas Edward
Goodw1n, Amanda to Haigh, Selena Mary
Hakes, Florence Bently to Haynes, John Preston
Hays, Edith to Holt, S H
Holtam, Richard to James, Woodford
Jameson, Katherine to Jordan, Sachel (Sashwell)
Jott, William to King, William J
Kinkle, Andrew Jackson to Lee, William
Leeper, John to Lutz, Wesley
Lutz, Willie to Mays, Robert Mays
Maze, Jesse to Meador, William
Meadows, Mary Elizabeth to Murphy, William
Murray, Martha to Overton, Robert Thomas
Overturft, I J to Peirce, Paul
Pell, Alice to Prince, William James Wesley
Pritchett, Ida (Ina) to Ritter, Martha Adeline
Rives, Judith to Sanders, Joseph
Sandy, Peter to Shaw, Ray
Shawn, John Kelly to Sivley, William R
Sizemore, Raleigh to Staley, William
Standlee, Catherine L to Styles, Estye
Styles, Etta to Thomas, Rebecca
Thomason, Milbry S to Tucker, Teddie
Turnage, J Edward to Ward, Willie Lee
Ware, (?) to White, Jane Ellie
White, Joshua to Winiarski, Margaret
Winne, Dewitt C to Young, Thomas J
Yount, Carrie to Zorn, Kathryn

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