Dale Bandy publishes third edition of his book

Dale writes: "After a nine year effort, the third edition of The Bandy Family in America is available. This expanded edition contains much new information while retaining most earlier content.  This edition covers extensively the history of our Bandy family beginning with the earliest references to individuals named Bandy is the 1600's and ending with the 1930 census, the most recent available. Bandys helped establish one American colony and died fighting in the American Revolution. The book looks at these and other stories as I follow the Bandy family across America and through time.

I list the names of Bandys who fought in the American Revolution and Civil War and the names of those who died in World War II and Vietnam. I discuss the famous, the almost famous, and the infamous. Heroes and villains. The murderer and the murdered. The moonshiners and the bootleggers. Supreme Court cases involving the tax evader and the shoot-out in Bandy’s Saloon.

There are stories of Bandy marriages. One lasted over 75 years. Another produced 17 children. A 12 year old bride-to-be waited two years for her just divorced husband-to-be to be to get out of prison. A 62 year old Civil War veteran married a 12 year old bride. An alcoholic husband, shot and wounded by the police, recovered only to be fatally shot by his wife. An eccentric millionaire married for the first time in his sixties, but his bride wasn’t after his money. And there was Bigamous Bill Bandy.

The second edition ended with the 1870 census. This edition extends census coverage thorough 1930 connecting many early American Bandys with family members we knew personally creating a direct connection to our history. In light of the expanded coverage of this edition, the name has been change from The Bandy Family in Early America to The Bandy Family in America.

This new third edition is written with the benefit of computer technology which allowed me to enter a name once and in an instant locate listings in all census records from 1790 to 1930, birth, marriage, and death records for all states, and other valuable databases. I do not claim that I have included every one named Bandy who lived in the country before 1930. I know that is not the case, but I do believe that I have included a significant majority . In general, individuals born after 1930are omitted in the interest of privacy.
DNA evidence also enabled me to extend the story back to times where few documents recorded relationships.

I believe that you will find the greatly expanded third edition to be very intriguing and informative.
The Bandy Family in America is available at http://www.lulu.com/. The price is $27.88 plus shipping which is approximately $10. Deliver takes two to three weeks. Hardcover. 8.25" X 10.75", 529 pages, 206,000 words, and 66 illustrations. I make no money from the book.