Some English Wills

updated 10-Jan-2003
from the County Record Office- Aylesbury. 
Obtained by Frank Bandy, transcribed by Eve McLaughlin and supplied by Ken Bandy
unless stated otherwise

1559 RICHARD BANDY of Potsgrove Beds
County Record Office- Aylesbury. Obtained by Derek Bandy, translated by Brooke Westcott

In this will of February 1559 RICHARD BANDY mentions his wife ALICE, who is pregnant, a daughter ISOBELL and three brothers EDWARD Jnr,  EDWARD Snr and JOHN.  There are also other children unnamed and probably underage as well as unnamed sisters.  Perhaps one of the EDWARDS is the author of the 1582 will below, Potsgrove is no more than 10 miles from Milton Keynes.

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1563 JOAN BANDY of Hardmead Bucks

County Record Office- Aylesbury. Not yet studied
Hardmead is no more than 10 miles from Milton Keynes.

1582 EDWARD BANDY  of Milton Keynes Bucks
County Record Office- Aylesbury. Obtained by Derek Bandy, translated by Brooke Westcott
In this Will dated 18th June, 1582 EDWARD mentions his wife MARY BANDY, his sons RICHARD, THOMAS and JOHN, and his daughters JOAN and MARGARET. Thomas was at the time under 21 years old and John under 15. Joan and Margaret were both under 21. The will was witnessed by Laurence Smyth and Hugh Makant. Mr Bayly was appointed to "oversee" it and the executors were his wife Mary and son Richard.
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1602 the will of  JOHN BANDY of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire
County Record Office- Gloucestershire. Obtained by Derek Bandy, translated by Brooke Westcott
The will leaves some items to Elizabeth FAILLE (relationship, if any, unknown) and the rest to his wife unnamed who is made executrix.  We learn that his wife was named "Abraham Abraha" in the probate.
As yet we don't know where this John Bandy ("alias Harsfelde", whatever that means!) and Abraham Abraha, his strangely named wife, fit. We have no other record of any Bandys in this county this early.
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1625 JOHN BANDY of Wavendon Bucks
County Record Office- Aylesbury. Obtained by Derek Bandy, translated by Brooke Westcott
Will dated 1625. Mentions his wife ALICE and his sons WILLIAM, RICHARD, THOMAS and JOHN; also his daughter ANN. The will is witnessed by Robert Green, George Wells and John Parratt.
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1645 JOAN BANDY of Milton Keynes Bucks
Will dated 17th November, 1645. Proved 1st April 1647 in the Prerogative Court of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham. Valued at £122 and 10 shillings. She mentions THOMAS SOAME her cousin as recipient of a bond for £10 15 shillings owed to her since 1637 by William Earle of Bradwell and William Some of Great Linford. She also mentions HUMPHREY BANDY as her "kinsman" and makes him and David Some clerk of Orlingbury in the county of Northampton her executors. Witnesses were Hugh Smith and Richard Newman

1688 ROBERT BANDY of London
Citizen and Blacksmith of St Peters Pauls Wharf 1688 folio 45
Index of Canterbury wills
- Not yet studied

1691 ROBERT BANDY of Wootton Beds
Will dated 23-Jul-1691 mentions his wife MARY and children JOHN (the oldest?) THOMAS, ROBERT, WILLIAM, RICHARD and MARY.
Bedfordshire County Record Office 1692/51, Derek Bandy

1708 JOHN BANDY of Cranfield Beds
Will of 1708 mentions his wife ELIZABETH (see 1712 Elizabeth below) and children JOHN (eldest son), WILLIAM (youngest son), ELIZABETH (eldest daughter), SARAH the wife of JOHN LAUNDER, ELLEN and MARTHA the youngest daughter.
Bedfordshire County Record Office 1708/43, Derek Bandy

1712 ELIZABETH BANDY, widow, of Cranfield Beds
Will of 1712 mentions daughters ELIZABETH, ELLEN and MARTHA, leaves her possessions to a friend JOHN PARTRIDGE
Bedfordshire County Record Office 1712/59, Derek Bandy

1713 JOHN BANDY of Beachampton Bucks
County Record Office- Aylesbury. Obtained by Derek Bandy, translated by Brooke Westcott
Will dated 1st September,1713. Proved 24th April 1714 in the Archdeaconry of Buckingham by his widow Elizabeth. He mentions his daughter ANN - under 21 at the time- to whom he left his messuage at Nash upon the death of his wife Elizabeth who was to enjoy it during her own lifetime. Witnesses were John Burgess, Ann Grimes and John Capp.
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1719 JOHN BANDYof Lidlington Beds
Will of 1719 mentions his wife SUSSANNA
Bedfordshire County Record Office 1719/43, Derek Bandy

1720 RICHARD BANDY of Mursley Bucks
Will dated 18th March 1720. Proved 7th April 1739. He mentions his wife MARY- who died before the will was proved- his sons JOHN and THOMAS and his daughters SARAH, JANE and ELIZABETH. Witnesses were Andrew Willis, Anne Bramton and John Hodgkin. Probate was granted to his son John.

1724 JOHN BANDYof Podington Beds
Will of 1724 mentions daughter ANN BARBER, Cousin JOHN BARBER of Wickham (High Wycombe) Bucks and JOHN BARBER, Grandson, son of JOSEPH BARBER

Bedfordshire County Record Office 1724/90, Derek Bandy

1762 SUSANNAH BANDY of Mile End New Town, Stepney, Middlesex 
12-Apr-1762. Susannah (who does not mention or name her husband and was almost certainly a widow) divides her estate equally between all her five children as follows: Michael BANDY, Mary Bandy the wife of (?) PERIER, Ann BANDY, Eleanor Bandy the wife of James FOSSEY and Esther Bandy the wife of Peter SANDY (sic). Her son Michael BANDY and son-in-law James FOSSEY are appointed executors. In clauses dealing with the possible predecease of her daughters it is clear that Mary has a number of under-age children. She signed her will. The will was proven 17-Dec-1764.
PCC wills, Derek Bandy
We have the record of Eleanor’s marriage to James FOSSEY in Shadwell, Middlesex in 1749 (Boyd’s Marriage Index), but no other references identified to this family. Strangely, this is the only MICHAEL Bandy in my records prior to 1902.

1781 THOMAS BANDY of Thornborough Bucks
 Will dated 12th December, 1781. Proved 28th July 1794 in Archdeaconry of Buckingham before the Revd Jonathan Briggs. He mentions his brother WILLIAM and his nephew JOHN - William's son, and his niece REBECCA - William's daughter. He also mentions ELIZABETH BARRETT his sister and ELIZABETH SUMNER, MARTHA TEAGLE, SARAH GILBERT- the wife of John Gilbert - and MARY BARRETT his nieces. The executors are his brother William and his sister Elizabeth Barrett. The witnesses are John Joanes, Thomas Goode and Joseph Hunt.

1792 WILLIAM BANDY of Thornborough Bucks
Will dated 23rd June 1792. Proved 10 October 1794 in Archdeaconry of Buckingham before the Revd Jonathan Briggs. He mentions his wife ANN, his son JOHN, daughter REBECCA and his grandson WILLIAM- the son of his late son THOMAS. He also mentions JOHN GILBERT and THOMAS GILBERT the sons of his daughter SARAH COLES and Anne Teagle the daughter of Richard Teagle of Ivinghoe and his wife Martha, and Edward Sumner, son of Elizabeth Sumner. In a Codicil dated 1st December, 1792 he goes on to describe Martha Teagle, the wife of Richard Teagle of Ivinghoe, Elizabeth Sumner and Sarah Coles- wife of William Coles as his daughters.

1793 THOMAS BANDY of London
9-Jun-1793. The will only mentions his wife Sarah. No record of the death has yet been found. The will was proven 7-Apr-1794 and administration was granted to “Sarah POTTS (formerly BANDY) the wife of Charles POTTS, the relict of the deceased”
PCC wills, Derek Bandy
Boyd’s Marriage Index shows that the marriage between Sarah and Charles POTTS had taken place in Marylebone sometime in 1793.

1803 REBEKAH BANDY of Thornborough Bucks
Will dated 9th March 1803. Proved 21st March 1805 in Archdeaconry of Buckingham before the Revd Jonathan Briggs. She mentions "Thomas Williams of this parish" also Martha Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert's wife of Steeple Claydon and her sister Sarah Coles' two sons Thomas Gilbert and John Gilbert. The witnesses were Josh Adams, Thos Williams and Mary Holt. Thomas and John Gilbert were given probate.

1821 JOHN BANDY of Turweston Bucks
Will dated 2nd June 1821. Proved 6th September 1826 He mentions his sons THOMAS BANDY and WILLIAM BANDY, Thomas Bull and his wife Ann and their son Henry Bull. He also mentions his daughter ANN BULL and his grandson THOMAS BANDY alias BULL. and his daughter MARTHA the wife of Thomas Bull. He appoints his son Thomas and his son-in-law Thomas Bull (Carpenter) as executors.