Some English Newspaper Reports and other References

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1200-1500 Thomas le Bandy - Lord of a Manor?
Thomas le Bandy sued the Abbot of Coggeshale (now Coggeshall?) in Essex, for the Manor of Tillingham (Essex). Thomas le Bandy was the son of John, who was the son of William and Joan and had a brother called William.
Pleadings AD 1200-1500  Obtained by Frank Bandy

NOTES BY Ken Bandy:   The Manor of Tillingham was held by St Pauls. In his will in 1679 Dr William Clark, Dean of Winchester and Vicar of Stepney (note Bandys of Stepney at the time) left the income from the tithes to augment the livings of 10 parishes by 30 a year. He nominated BUCKINGHAM, St Albans, Maldon (Essex), and STONY STRATFORD (Northants).- more Bandy haunts! 
As far as Coggeshal Abbey is concerned, it was founded in 1140 by King Stephen. It was to belong to the SAVIGNAC order from Savigny in the County of MORTAIN- more Domesday familiar names,- but the Order was banned by the Pope in 1147 and the Abbey was transferred to the Cisterians from CITEAUX before it even opened in 1167. Because there was an argument over its ownership, it being a Royal Foundation, but in the Bishop of London's Diocese, and a daughter house of Citeaux, in 1223 JOHN de FONTIBUS - Bishop of Ely was called to adjudicate. He gave the Rectory and the greater tithes to the Abbey, from which they had to pay 10 marks a year to the monks of RUMILLY, and the right to appoint to the Bishop of London. By 1250 the Abbot of Coggeshal had become the Lord of the Manor, but there is no mention of him being Lord of the Manor of Tillingham as well.

1834 Thomas Bandy for coining (police)
The Times 4-Jun-1834 p 6 col d

1839 Trial of Thomas, William & James Bandy of Padbury Bucks
 "Joseph Bandy was a shepherd to Mr Horwood of Padbury. He noticed a sheep missing at nine in the morning, and found entrails etc in a ditch. He said "I'm quite sure it was my master's ewe." A search was made of William Bandy's house. Thomas and William were downstairs by the fire. James and others were upstairs. A search of the house was made and mutton was found in the coalhole, which fitted shoulder and skin previously found and now in the magistrates court. Thomas and Jonathan are grandsons to William Bandy. Ann and Elizabeth were in the house and in consequence of Ann's statement, pulled some mutton in a bag from the hedge next to the house. Elizabeth Bandy, daughter of William Bandy, saw them leave at nine the previous evening but saw them in bed next morning. Ann gave more information. "Thomas told me the mutton was safe in the hedge. Jonathan heard him tell me that but didn't make any remark." The judge said in consequence of an informality of the indictment, William Bandy was discharged. He called upon Jonathan to make his defence, but he made none. The verdict- not guilty. Thomas Bandy was found guilty and sentenced to 14 years transportation to Australia."
Bucks Advertiser 1st Jan 1839
Obtained by Frank Bandy and supplied by Ken Bandy

1853 Bandy v. Carwright (civil action)
The Times 25-May-1853 p 7 col b

1867 E Bandy (bankruptcies)
The Times 3-Mar-1867 p 6 col b

1886 Wm. Bandy (bankruptcies)
The Times 6-Feb-1886 p 12 col c

1892 Martha Bandy, run over and killed (inquests)
The Times 30-Jul-1892 p 9 col f

1899 Wm. Bandy for assault (police)
The Times ?-Aug-1899 p 2 col e

1903 Davis v. Davis & Bandy (divorce court)
The Times 6-Aug-1903 p 12 col d