Bandy Family Photographs

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Ronald D. Wright (1941-90) makeup artist and author
who used "Way Bandy" as a professional name
  - supplied by Dale Bandy

It seems likely that Ronald D. Wright attended Ramsey High School in Birmingham, Alabama at a time when the real Way Bandy, Sr. was a student there. He either acquired that name from a school year book or perhaps he actually knew the real Way Bandy.  Apparently he made an appearance on the Merv Griffin show where he admitted that Way Bandy was his chosen professional name and not his birth name. In a court case, he is referred to as Way Bandy, also known as Ronald D. Wright.  The suit was between him and Sara Bandy, also known as Sara Wright. (Sara Bandy, also known as Sara Wright v. Way Bandy, also known as Ronald D. Wright, 87 AD2d 517, 448 NYS2d 655, 1982 NY App. Div LEXIS 15761 (1982).)


Way Bandy (1941-90) makeup artist and author - supplied by Dale Bandy