Bandy Family Photographs

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Nellie Maude Bandy Thompson (26 Nov 1874 - 26 Nov 1954)
This photograph was taken around 1930 outside her husband George Thompson's house where she lived until he died in 1940.  With her in the photograph are 3 of her 4 sons, Donald, Leslie Earnest, and Adrian Leon.  Nellie was a daughter of Samuel Coleman Bandy, Jr., the son of Samuel Coleman Bandy, Sr., a son of Andrew Bandy, a son of John and Lucy Christian Bandy of Virginia. Adrian Leon was one of the Co-founders of Exposition Gardens in Peoria, and served as President, Recording Secretary and Business Agent for the Illinois State Council of Carpenters and Joiners of America. He died in 1977.  Nellie was Susan B Andrews' great grandmother and lived in Peoria, Illinois. She was born on her father's 30th birthday, and died in her sleep on her 80th birthday, in 1954.

Nellie Maude Bandy Thompson