Bandy Family Photographs

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Below is a photo of Emily Brandy and a child as they are displayed in a Victorian Photo Album. My Grandmother described her as a friend of her mother, Mrs. Mabel Dunn nee' Abbott. My Grandmother, also a Mabel was born in 1913. Her mother Mrs. Mabel Dunn nee' Abbott was born in Raunds 1888. Before the 1891 census her family moved to Rushden, NTH. So I am assuming the photo I have is around 1910? And very possibly in Rushden. I do not know if Brandy is Emily's given surname or her married surname. I know that Mrs. Mabel Dunn nee' Abbott married in 1910 in Rushden, and lived there her whole life.  I am not sure who the child is.  They are actually two separate photos, but are placed in the album in the same window, so it could be a child of Emily.

Carole Forbush